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Prince Liberator and Audible

Lots to discuss in this week's blog.

1st. Had a good discussion with John Pirhalla on Friday about recording the first book, 'The Prince Awakens.' He'll be recording it this week and then sending it to the Podium Editors for finishing. John will be doing the first four books, and the plan is that he'll do all of them. Here's the release schedule:

Book 1- June 20, Book 2- July 18, Book 3- August 15, Book 4- September 19

Podium Publishing has the rights to all the books but won't commit beyond book 4 till they see sales numbers.

2nd. Discussed with my publisher, Chris Kennedy, the release of book 6, 'Prince Liberator." It's scheduled to be released on June 30th. Because it's farther out than either of us would like, Chris has several books in the pipeline ahead of me; he's decided to put it on preorder. So it's available now. Get it here:

Here's a look at the awesome cover:

I'll be putting out April's newsletter next week. Like last month, I'' include an excerpt from book 6 to whet everyone's appetite. Keep an eye out for it. Tell your friends about the sight so they can sign u and get a peak of what's coming.

Again, Hazard and I thank all of you for your support. We actually do this fo you.

Fred & Hazard

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Yvon Cossic
Yvon Cossic

Superbe série ... Et le tome 7 ?

superb series, and volume 7 ?



Thanks for book 6, any update on book 7 ?

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