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New Books and more to come.

Hello again!

Let’s talk about new books. February 4th, the latest book in the Prince of Britannia series came out. Sales were great, as were the reviews. Thanks to all Hazard’s fans for supporting this book and the rest. Prince Peacemaker was the first new book in the series released by Chris Kennedy Publishing. The re-release of the first three books in the series delayed its release, so there was a nine-month gap in the series.

Now for the good news. The publisher will release Prince Renegade, book 5 in the series, on March 24th. Here’s the cover art for it:

I’m 70k into book 6, Prince Liberator, which has a tentative June release date. I expect it to be released sooner since we released Renegade earlier than initially scheduled. Within the next two weeks, I will turn in book 6.

This week, citizens of the Republic celebrate our independence. The wife and I celebrated in downtown Carrollton, Texas.

Last but not least, I’m trying hard to keep this page relevant. Next week I’ll be sending out another newsletter. There will be an excerpt from the next book included, so sign up to read it. Stay tuned for more info.

Fred & Hazard

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