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Audible Books and More

Three weeks in a row, yeah. Guess I’m serious about this page. So what’s new in the world of Fred Hughes Publishing?

I’ve already talked about book 5, ‘Prince Renegade’, which comes out on March 24th. Look for it on Amazon or at I’ve received much feedback on Book 4, ‘Prince Peacemaker,’ which came out on February 3. I want to emphasize to Hazard’s fans that Peacemaker is a transition novel. I needed to shift the storyline from fighting the Swarm to the next story arc, freeing Earth from an Alien invader. There was a lot of Empire building involved and not as much action. Renegade will pick up the pace again.

I can finally announce that Podium Publishing has contracted with Chris Kennedy and me to produce audio versions of the first five Prince of Britannia books with options on any others that I write. Some of you might remember that there was an Audible version of ‘The Prince Awakens’ that I paid to have done. I didn’t know what I doing (figure the odds), and it wasn’t the greatest quality. I’ve pulled it off the market so a new one can be done. Production on book 1 starts in April, and I hope to announce a release date in May. Obviously, I’ll announce the release here.

Finally, as I mentioned last week, I’ll send out March’s newsletter tomorrow. It will include an excerpt from ‘Prince Renegade’. Tell your friends and neighbors to subscribe.

Finally, I’m looking for fan feedback. I'm considering future projects as I move forward with Hazard and his team. Which of Hazard’s Merry Band deserves a stand-alone book? Let me know.

Hazard and Fred.

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