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All Things Britannia (and some that aren't)

Hello everyone. First, I must apologize to all of Hazard’s fans for not keeping everyone up to date on what’s happening in the Empire of Britannia. Hazard, and I appreciate the support you all have provided us since The Prince Awakens first hit the streets in February of 2021. We’ve both been surprised and humbled by the love shown for our friends and us.

I posted recently that The Prince of Britannia Series is now a part of Chris Kennedy Publishing. This week, I finished book four, Prince Peacemaker, and have started my initial editing. I intend on forwarding the book to Chris by mid-September for his editors to polish the work. Check out Chris Kennedy Publishing @ for updates. I will also be posting them here.

I also have my new website up. is still a work in progress, but I do have a blog up and will soon begin sending out a newsletter. Of course, I need some subscribers for that to happen, so visit the site and sign up. I promise it’s painless. Both the blog and the newsletter will have updates on what’s happening with both myself as an author and how Hazard and his friends are doing in protecting Britannia. The first newsletter will also have an excerpt from the next book, so sign up for that exclusive.

As always, let me know what you think. We really do pay attention to your responses.

Fred & Hazard

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Another great read! I certainly hope that Paul Honsinger's outlines are forthcoming. I would love to see the saga of Max and his crew continue as well.

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